Monday, March 4, 2013


A couple that Elder Peterson and I taught back in Westlake a year ago got baptized on Saturday- Chris and Jenny Frizzell. Awesome stuff!

Oh yes, and as for the couple of baptisms coming up, Emily Little is set to be baptized on March 16th and we are very excited for that! She is 18 and after only knowing us for two weeks, made some brownies for the Young Women's bake sale and came and helped out. She is incredible and engaged very quickly! Then, Ryan Thomas, a 19 year old boyfriend of a member is doing ok in his progression, but we talked out a few plans and hopefully he will get more immersed in it. He is scheduled for March 23rd and as of yesterday is still willing to work towards that date.
There is one other scheduled baptismal date, an elderly lady named Betty Ebbinghaus who is the mother of an investigator. She accepted April 6th as her date, but I don't think she is EXTREMELY FIRM on that. She is still reading, praying and confirming. That day is her goal and we are working with her towards it. Besides those 3, we have several others who are close, a few who just came into the picture who are not so close, and then all the less-active and part-member families in both wards we are trying to visit with and teach.

Love, Elder Ryan A. Bell

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