Monday, March 26, 2012

Ever Wake up Ornery?

Sorry All I have been buried in work (gone for a solid month for training in Houston, Denver and 3 days in class in Salt Lake) but without further ado here are the updates from Elder Ry Ry

Ryan's Letter to Dad March 26


Utah's weather sounds like a woman- angry, kinda hot, but frustrating because it doesn't quite know what it wants. It's the end of the month and I am out of money, so no more anything until next week. I have been saving the last couple dollars all week that I had just to buy water today. It was hard because Ritter's had some dang good flavors this week and Ooh La La only has their Guinness cupcake for a couple more days, but I stayed strong! I hung on to my $5 and bought water! Which I will probably need if I want to continue living.

Do you ever just wake up ornery? Yea, that happened to me bad today. I woke up, slapped the alarm off and starting exercising, just looking out my window and thinking, "What the heck am I doing with my life, man?!" Then the people going to the bus stop stare at me and I stare back.

It has been a very bright and awesome week! 3 kids are being baptized on April 7th! YEA!!! It's cool that they are taking that step through the strait gate, but what has been even cooler is just watching the change take place within them, seeing them WANT to read, pray, keep the commandments, and learn more. They are so incredible and I am grateful beyond words for the chance to have been part of their conversion. How great is my joy! For I have been blessed to see the fruit of my labors! Anyway, that has been an exciting thing for this week. Things are going tough in some other areas, but hey, what would we be if we never had adversity? French- that's what.

Yea, I tried the coolest new restaurant the other day. It's called Spring Creek Barbecue. SUPER GOOD!!!!! I felt way gross after thanks to the stomach thing, but the food was fantastic! WE ARE GOING THERE WHEN YOU COME TO PICK UP MY CASKET!!!!!!!!! Tell everyone Hey!!

Elder Ryan Bell

Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy week! I actually got a brand new $300 pair of dress shoes from a member on St. Patrick's Day. It was sweet! THAT DAY IS MY DAY!!!!! I had Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, and Cornbread with Donnie and Russ for dinner on St. Patrick's Day and I will tell you what- THAT was the absolute best meal that I have had on my mission thus far. Just so Irish and just SO FLIPPIN' GOOD!!!!!


Elder Peterson and I saw some cool miracles this week and we have worked harder than we ever have in the weeks past. On St. Patrick's day after dinner, we both came home and were just.... down. We didn't have anything planned for the rest of the night and the night was young. I didn't know what to do for the people we had just visited, what I really wanted was time to just sit and think, study, and ponder. But I knew that we needed to get out. I suggested it and lacked answers on where we needed to go or what we needed to do. I called every member I could think of for us to go visit and start our Finding Hour, but absolutely no one was available. Yes, this lack of a plan made it even more enticing to just stay there and do spiritual activities, which isn't bad mind you, but gosh dang it, I'm a missionary! People are out there that need US! This is not what I was thinking at that moment.) But anyways with absolutely no motivation or drive I insisted that we need to just get out and leave. We were NOT going to waste any time on St. Patrick's Day; not on MY DAY!!!! So we just went. No idea where we were going, no idea what to do, facing resistance, Elder Peterson suggested that he felt we should go visit a less active member neither of us had ever met or really even heard of before- so we did. And that was Miracle #1 out of 4. They weren't going to let us in, but then after somebold insistence, they allowerd us to come inside. Then we talked, found out that they had requested no visits from the Church but had allowed us in, we discussed their concerns, and then after some inspired questions, we asked if we could come teach them the discussions, at first they said no, but then mid-sentence changed their mind and agreed to let us come back and teach them the discussions to get them on their spiritual feet. Anyway, it was a great night after that and we both felt WAY HAPPIER from working!!! Even though neither of us wanted to, even though neither of us knew what to do, we just went and did- and look what came of it! And more!

-Elder Ryan A. Bell

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jeffrey's Trip to Houston- Houston we have a visual!!!

So here's how it all went down the week Jeffrey went to Houston on a Business Trip and a planned stop to deliver goodies to Ryan whilst in town.... Captains Log Star-date Feb 21, 1130 hrs. After successfully landing in Houston @ George Bush International I proceeded to obtain transportation in a fully loaded Dodge Caravan (aka) Black Kidnapper Van... I headed into the Houston Mission Office to rendezvous with President Pingree for a quick tour of the office and then some lunch...  President Pingree was awesome to take time out of his busy schedule to meet with me...  Thanks Again for Lunch President P! We had lunch at Papa's BBQ I highly recommend "Pappa's" they have really good food and its cheap!! So after lunch we headed back to the Mission Office and  that is when sighting number one occurs... Elder Ry had just come from the Houston Temple and had just dropped by the Mission office and was on his way back to Katy as we passed each other.... I was clueless and did not notice but apparently Ry saw us!!! So I head to my Hotel and unpack all of the stuff I had brought down to drop off at Ry's Apartment office. I head into Katy to do a stealth drop off at Ry's Apartment Office... I made the stealth drop unnoticed and headed back into Houston... I spent the remainder of the week pretty much busy ... but, on Friday I had some additional time before I headed to dinner with some friends... So I headed back out into Katy to drop some additional gift cards to Ryan (The Boy is constantly Hungry!!) I made one last stop and grabbed a funny card to place the gift cards inside and to write a quick note... I planned to drive up by Ry's apartment and drop it off again in the Apartment Office but here is where it gets a little tricky... He lives in this huge apartment complex ringed by a ginormous black fence all around and when you drive in through the front gate you have to time it to get behind another car and follow them in... Once inside its limited parking and its only one way in and out of this place... So I hatch a brilliant plan to park on the side street write my card and them zip in and out for the delivery... What could possibly go wrong???? Captains Log Star-date Feb 24, 1530 hrs I find myself parked off the busy roadway on the side street next to Ryan's Apartment complex. I settle back into my seat jamming to some Country Music (Luke Bryan Ya All good stuff...) As I sit I notice the maintenance man cruising around in his little golf cart he does not appear to give me much notice so I a,m feeling like this is a good place to hide in plain sight... So the next thing I notice is some movement in peripheral vision.... Its the maintenance man cruising back the other way probably forgot a wrench or something.... More movement to my south no issue there just some other tenant.... Almost done with my little note.... when my peripheral vision makes out two very distinct objects.... two dudes in white shirts and ties and yep wholly crap!! its Ryan and his companion just coming out of their apartment!!! Kirk to Enterprise prepare to Warp set Phasers to Stun!! So I kinda lean forward and just verify what I am seeing is correct Yep no doubt its Elder Bell!! Okay he's looking scanning oh crap he looked right at me..... I just kinda slide back and down into my seat surely he has no clue its me the windows are blacked oh who am I kidding the kid has eyes like a Hawk..... So I sit and debate should I just gun it and head up the street or do I sit tight... I just sit tight he and his companion jump in their ride and head off!!! I just start laughing hysterically at how I had managed to park directly in front of his Apartment Building!!! Well so much for stealth approach.... I should have waited till dark oh well!!! So sighting number two!! I made the drop without any further ado and beat it back into Houston for a great dinner!! Well Ry it was good to see ya.... Hey, that's where my favorite Tie went...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Great Baptism! I found my New Pad!

The baptism on Saturday went well. I took pictures that I am now trying to send you, but unfortunately it is not working. These computers here are nice. and I am very grateful for them, but man, they do some random stuff sometimes. So I am very sorry, but I may just need to send my memory card home today... (editors note Ryan did find a way to send some pictures see below)

Thanks for all of the Facebook updates and such! It's good to know who is up to what.
I have been craving many things and love packages and letters! I have indeed been making very good use of the Gift Cards. They have helped me out so much, thank you again for them, from the bottom of my cold, dark, black heart (Or lack thereof).
Elder Peterson is doing well (I just realized this week that I've been spelling his name wrong all this time). We got out knocking on doors and found some cool people to teach, which is good. We are working with some people. Everything is a blur. I don't really know. I still don't know a lot of things so I am trying my best but knocking on doors for 5 to 7 hours isn't ideal. Yea, it has been the issue of the week this week- how can I get us out and working, doing our job, being effective, but not wanting to shoot ourselves.Yea, anyways, sorry for the boring e-mail this week. I wish I could clear my mind of all the things I am working through for those couple special hours on P-Day so I can write good letters, but alas not.
By the way, are Melinda and Bob dead? Are they paying any attention to the Boy?  What's going down there?