Monday, March 5, 2012

Great Baptism! I found my New Pad!

The baptism on Saturday went well. I took pictures that I am now trying to send you, but unfortunately it is not working. These computers here are nice. and I am very grateful for them, but man, they do some random stuff sometimes. So I am very sorry, but I may just need to send my memory card home today... (editors note Ryan did find a way to send some pictures see below)

Thanks for all of the Facebook updates and such! It's good to know who is up to what.
I have been craving many things and love packages and letters! I have indeed been making very good use of the Gift Cards. They have helped me out so much, thank you again for them, from the bottom of my cold, dark, black heart (Or lack thereof).
Elder Peterson is doing well (I just realized this week that I've been spelling his name wrong all this time). We got out knocking on doors and found some cool people to teach, which is good. We are working with some people. Everything is a blur. I don't really know. I still don't know a lot of things so I am trying my best but knocking on doors for 5 to 7 hours isn't ideal. Yea, it has been the issue of the week this week- how can I get us out and working, doing our job, being effective, but not wanting to shoot ourselves.Yea, anyways, sorry for the boring e-mail this week. I wish I could clear my mind of all the things I am working through for those couple special hours on P-Day so I can write good letters, but alas not.
By the way, are Melinda and Bob dead? Are they paying any attention to the Boy?  What's going down there?

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