Monday, March 26, 2012

Ever Wake up Ornery?

Sorry All I have been buried in work (gone for a solid month for training in Houston, Denver and 3 days in class in Salt Lake) but without further ado here are the updates from Elder Ry Ry

Ryan's Letter to Dad March 26


Utah's weather sounds like a woman- angry, kinda hot, but frustrating because it doesn't quite know what it wants. It's the end of the month and I am out of money, so no more anything until next week. I have been saving the last couple dollars all week that I had just to buy water today. It was hard because Ritter's had some dang good flavors this week and Ooh La La only has their Guinness cupcake for a couple more days, but I stayed strong! I hung on to my $5 and bought water! Which I will probably need if I want to continue living.

Do you ever just wake up ornery? Yea, that happened to me bad today. I woke up, slapped the alarm off and starting exercising, just looking out my window and thinking, "What the heck am I doing with my life, man?!" Then the people going to the bus stop stare at me and I stare back.

It has been a very bright and awesome week! 3 kids are being baptized on April 7th! YEA!!! It's cool that they are taking that step through the strait gate, but what has been even cooler is just watching the change take place within them, seeing them WANT to read, pray, keep the commandments, and learn more. They are so incredible and I am grateful beyond words for the chance to have been part of their conversion. How great is my joy! For I have been blessed to see the fruit of my labors! Anyway, that has been an exciting thing for this week. Things are going tough in some other areas, but hey, what would we be if we never had adversity? French- that's what.

Yea, I tried the coolest new restaurant the other day. It's called Spring Creek Barbecue. SUPER GOOD!!!!! I felt way gross after thanks to the stomach thing, but the food was fantastic! WE ARE GOING THERE WHEN YOU COME TO PICK UP MY CASKET!!!!!!!!! Tell everyone Hey!!

Elder Ryan Bell

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