Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm Talkin to Everyone!!

Letter Home April 2nd, 2012

Had some great experiences this week, on of which I will try to relate to you briefly. I had an experience about following guidance. Sometimes, I am a pansy and don't talk to people because I am afraid of what they or my companion will think, etc. This week I learned a lesson which I will call, "You're a missionary, WHO CARES?!" When I come home, the only thing I will regret, in this regard is NOT talking to people; NOT doing my job, not being brave and bold, faithful and diligent, not magnifying my calling. I won't remember all the people who yelled at me or mocked me, I won't remember the people who I tripped in front of walking to talk to them, I won't remember the people who tried to argue and make me look like I didn't know what I was talking about, etc. I won't remember ANY of these people, and they won't remember me! But I will remember those who I DIDN'T talk to and I will regret it. Sometimes, we are so worried about saving face (Because of our pride) that we forget why we are out here- to save souls! Including our own!

So I have decided to talk to EVERYONE!!! Who cares if I look like an idiot to them, to my companion, to the people around me, etc. Seriously, that doesn't matter! So, now I ALWAYS talk to people in restaurants in front of large groups of missionaries, I even did it in front of my Mission President. When I am walking on the street and see people making fun of us, I still talk to them. Because I am a missionary! I will only remember or care if I neglected my duties.

Tell everyone to send more food!!


Elder Ryan Bell

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