Monday, April 16, 2012

Cool Miracles

E-mail to Dad April 16, 2012

Hey Pappy!

So great to hear from you! I am out of time so look for a letter. Maybe I will just hang on to this letter until I finally get one from you. ;)

This week, a couple of really cool miracles happened. I will tell you about one that I can remember (That's why we don't do drugs, man.)

On our phone we got a text message for a referral in our area. A guy wanted a Bible. So we got a Bible and chugged on over to this house and rang the doorbell, but no answer. We knock and then leave a note as is customary. It is a very nice day so there are a lot of people out on the street, so we decide to go and start talking to these people. We walk up to this guy who is sitting on a cooler in his driveway, watching his kids ride their bikes around on the street. He is extremely gracious to us and even offers us a drink. We thank him for his coolness and he responds "Hey, anybody with the name Jesus Christ on their name tag is a friend of mine." So we talk to him and we tell him about the Book of Mormon. He was so stoked! We gave him a copy and then explained that the Book of Mormon is ANOTHER Testament of Jesus Christ. He asks a lot of questions and was floored about it, wondering why the Book of Mormon wasn't next to the Bible at the Library or in stores and such. He kept saying, "Man, I was going to study in side but then I decided to hang out here and just watch my kids, and if I didn't I never would have met you guys and never would have learned about this book!" Sounds like a Seminary Video, I know. So we set up an appointment to come back and talk to him more about it and go on our merry way. As we walk away, we see the car pull in at the house of the referral that we originally were going to see. We run over to the house and talk to the people as they are getting out of their car. It turns out that the referral wasn't even real. CRAZY, right?!


-Elder Ryan A. Bell

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