Monday, March 11, 2013

I'M A LEPRECHAUN! Letter to Dad March 11, 2013

Hollow Pops!

It's yer son. I been waitin' a long time to type ye this. I'M A LEPRECHAUN!
This week has been awesome! I have felt so at peace after planning our attack on after mission plans. All things bright and beautiful. Thanks for all the work and research you have been doing!

Seriously, I would LOVE to live in St. George. That place just rocks, it is warm there so I will feel closer to Houston, there are TONS of mountains, I am a desert boy, and I could drive over to Nellis anytime I want to watch my homies. Provo's cool too... pretty sure they have mountains there. And I could still drive an hour or two and watch my brethren at Hill.

And I am definitely looking forward to some box-ness this week. It's been a while. St. Patrick's Day is the best!

I am sorry to be so short, I came to the computer intending to keep things short, but my mind is pretty well blank. This new e-mail rule makes me so excited I want to throw up with sheer joy.

And hey, this Church really is Christ's Church! He really does live and govern all of its affairs. He is involved in our lives and knows exactly what we need.


 -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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