Monday, April 8, 2013

Thing's are a Blur.... Letter to Dad Apr 8, 2013

Your e-mail is the first that I have been reading today, I've been on here a while to print everything but have not had the chance to read or respond. Yea, sounds like Jordan is all kinds of back to normal and things with the group are just as feminine as ever. Get me out of there. Find me the furthest University you can away from that and ship me straight there! BYU and doing the AFROTC is sounding interesting to me. The pilots I have been talking to have highly recommended it.

Things are a blur this week. Conference was great! We got to go to the Temple and I went to the Mission Home for the monthly Zone Leader meeting. So it's been a great week. 

There are always tons of baptisms on the horizon, it's just getting them in the dang atmosphere that's been proving difficult lately. Maybe they will all happen at once and slam us. Who knows!
Giving away the computer..... not going to make it........ tell my wife....... I love her.
Just wanted to be dramatic for a sec. Thanks for letting me do that.
Love you! You handsome man!
                                                                                                              -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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