Monday, April 15, 2013

Stay Outta My Town... Letter to Dad Apr 15, 2013

Pipidy, Papidy, Popidy,

Things are going well here, although, I really wish I could do better and getting things to go even BETTER. 

Sounds interesting with Mom's work stuff,  I know that she has been applying to all kinds of places. To be honest, if push came to shove, Houston's got probably the world's biggest collection of mechanical engineers.... so you could always come here...... just kidding, stay out of my town.
But the good news with that- and I tell you this in confidence, it's one of my mission secrets, come closer to the screen.......... come closer........... a little closer......................... hi.
Just kidding, but seriously, every Christmas, the Church gives a special gift to their employees, special edition books, or, if you know where to look, special edition scriptures. These scriptures are magnificent and they are extremely rare, they are a special Invecciato Italian Leather. They are a beautiful maroon, red, and the longer you have them and more you use them, the color actually changes and becomes more beautiful with time. Elder Jimenez had some and he and I would always scheme as to how we could get another set. I actually dreamed about those scriptures last night........ oh my goodness, I haven't changed.........
Yea, don't worry, we'll hang out some time, tease the cat, doorbell ditch Melinda's house, stand in Jordan's doorway and stare at him silently and invasively, and other such diabolical nonsense. Just a few more months of awesomeness until even more awesomeness.
Love you, my man! You are very right, in fact, I'm writing that quote down- "Things work out and miracles never stop coming to a faithful Missionary and his family..."
In this challenging time, you have Heavenly Father on your side because of your sacrifices and our faithfulness together in being a great missionary and family! This motivates me!
                                                                                      -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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