Monday, April 22, 2013

Ripple Effect

This week, my companion and I got to teach a one hour class 5 times at the local Stake Youth Conference. The whole conference was a simulated mission. Each Youth had a nametag, was assigned to a mission, and had a companion. Elder McKell and I were supposed to teach what a day in the life of a missionary is like, so we brought in bedding and really acted out waking up at 6:30 am with all its accompanying orneriness. Then we studied from our scriptures and included the class in a "companion study" asking them for input on what we should teach the people we would be teaching during the class.
We had Betty, a lady we are teaching, come in and play a real investigator. The kids did so great at teaching her and the other "lessons" we had. (Elder McKell and I played the other characters).

It was a lot of fun, and the Youth were pretty impressive, being so involved and actively engaged. It was sweet!
But my miracle for the week was when I looked out at the classes and realized that there were three kids in attendance who I taught and got to see baptized at different times on my mission. Now these three great youth were sitting there with glowing faces and nametags of their own, preparing to go serve their own missions. I cannot describe how this felt! Remembering what each of these kids were like the first time that I met them, comparing that to this moment. The Gospel of Jesus Christ really does change lives!
Maybe these kids will go on missions, and maybe not, but either way, their countenances and influence will bring others to Christ, even if it is their own children in just a few years, but this will continue to grow and spread until a couple generations down the road, there will be hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of exalted saints because of the faithfulness of great people who got a lazy Elder Bell out on his mission, who happened to be in the area where these three Youth were being taught, who grew up to serve their own missions and raise righteous families, and the miracle goes on and on.
How can this NOT be true?
                                                        -Elder Ryan A. Bell

P.S. And then they gave us Great Harvest cinnamon bread.

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