Monday, February 4, 2013

Mission Accomplished...

I have THE BEST NEWS!! Does everyone remember the show, "Twister"? You know, about the tornados, and Zach watched it over and over until he had nightmares? Yea, that one!
Remember the part when the whole gang is eating lunch at the one old lady's house and they are talking around the table? Well, there's a part that I never understood. The main guy is talking and says, "Well, you see.... there was another Bill..... an evil Bill................ and I killed him."
It's because he was on another show called, "Kill Bill"! THAT'S FUNNY!!!!!
Too bad it took me 10+ years and half of a mission to figure it out. It literally came to me while we were driving to a mission conference with Elder Ballard.
The Church is true. My mission is complete. I'm going to Ireland.
                                                                                 -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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