Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm BACK !!!

Hey People!
Yes, no more Spring for a while; back to Katy! The land where my Father stalked me in a van and Melinda broke multiple laws, climbing over my apartment gate with a Hello Kitty backpack.
I am right next to the Katy Mills Mall, a couple miles from where I was before at the start of my mission.
So there have been quite a few miracles this week. Knowing that I would probably get transferred, and having way too much stuff, I asked a 19 year old member who is preparing for his mission to drive all my stuff wherever I would get transferred. So at the transfer meeting, this young man was getting very antsy and wanted to get going, but we had to wait for another Elder who was in a meeting. The member boy made excuses for why he had to get going. He didn't bring his phone with him and his car didn't have my new apartment address in it, so I gave him my GPS and he said that he would meet us at our apartment. As he drove off with all my belongings, I had that feeling- the "I'll never see that stuff again" feeling.
Off he went, and ironically, we were able to leave RIGHT after he left. So we drove all the way over to Katy to our new apartments, but to our surprise, we didn't see the black van the member was driving. We walked through the whole apartment complex looking for him. Nothing.
Oh man. He had all my stuff. I was now in a new area with absolutely nothing.
We drove to other apartment buildings nearby thinking he might have gotten confused and went to one of them. He didn't. I prayed for a miracle and had full faith that I would have one.
Not really knowing what else to do since he forgot to bring his cell phone that morning, we just went to drop some other Elders off at their apartment complex. On our way back, up yonder on a turn, I saw a black Honda van and yelled out, "CHASE THAT VAN!" so my companion chases down this black van (Which is pretty bold now that I think about it) and we continue to chase it all the way to the freeway almost. We pull up next to it- AND IT'S HIM!!!! So we signal to him and pull off. He said that he through all of my stuff on the porch of an apartment he THOUGHT was ours, but isn't and forgot some other stuff still in his van, so I got all of it and we booked it back to our apartment complex.

We went to the porch of the wrong apartment and were able to recover all of my stuff safely.
So now I have clean underwear.
We have seen many other fantastic miracles here in Katy already! I can feel each of your prayers and I would like to thank you with all of my heart for them. THANK YOU! I can feel your love, your concern, and your thoughts!
Katy feels just like Farr West, so really I'm only a couple minutes or a thought away.
I love you!
                                          -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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