Monday, January 21, 2013

Im So Stoked!!!

Yes, things here have been good this week, the weather is great and we have been out and working hard like the dungeon squirrels who make all of Apple's electronics.

The Davis family decided to discontinue the lessons which destroyed Elder Kuila. That is the first time that has happened to him on his mission, poor guy. They accepted a baptismal invitation during the first lesson, but for whatever reason, chose not to pursue.
We are working and trying to find more who are ready!
If you wouldn't mind sending pictures on a card, that would be the best thing. In exchange, I shall send back the card I currently have with all of my pictures.
I love you, my Papa-Man!
BY THE WAY, I found a Baskin Robin's! It is just like old times!!! Peanut butter!!!!
                                                                     -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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