Monday, June 4, 2012

I got Transferred!

Guess what? I did get transferred last Thursday. I am now in a magical place they call, "The Woodlands" if you are ever bored and on Google Maps, go check out some of the houses here. Probably about the same as Bountiful or comparable in Utah, but for the Houston area, they are monsters!  But, I do get to go back to my old area on Saturday to participate in the baptism of an awesome investigator named Patrick….

Anyway, I am now in the Woodlands which is the richest part of the mission. Crazy houses up in here, lots of affluence, nice cars, nice people, and no soliciting signs. In this area, the missionaries cover 2 wards, so I get to come to know 2 additional families to add to my list of famililes that I will eventually abandon. (You are the first on that list). It was so cool getting to meet ward members on Sunday! Both wards were very welcoming to me. In one of the wards, the Bishop, whom I had never met, stood up in Sacrament Meeting and said, "We have a new missionary in the ward, his name is Elder Bell, I hope each of you will get to shake his hand and get to have him over for dinner." I was so surprised! It was awesome!! I have had the opportunity to go on splits and meet 10 families in the past couple days, doing missionary work, talking about missionary things, and just- AWESOME!!!! I am so stoked to be here!

Yes, it is definitely a hard change, but if I am as blessed as I have been so far on my mission, I will be just as sad to leave this area as I was to leave my last one. Love just never hurt so much!

Mucho Love, 

Elder Ryan A Bell 

New Address 
Spring, TX 77386

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