Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy B-Day Old Man!!

Yes even whilst on his Mission, Ry Ry just cant help but remind me I am getting Older so here is his E-mail to me....  from Ryan who??? Letters and Box??? MUST HAVE SLIPPED MY MIND!!  yeah that's right who's Your Daddy1!

Hey Dad!


Glad to hear that you guys are alive and well! Thanks for the glorious e-mail!

Firstly and most importantly- the Thunderbirds. Don't worry, we can see them together at the end of next year, and then again a couple years after when I am flying for them. ;)

I have no idea if I will be moving or staying. You will have to call my mission office tomorrow and see if they will tell you, or President Pingree. I would really like a box and some letters. I got a lot of promises for them last week, but alas, they all escaped my grasp.

One investigator is getting baptized this weekend, little Michael! I will tell you more about him in a letter sometime in the future. Then, we have another investigator named Patrick who is getting baptized next weekend. Who knows if I will stick around to see any of this happen, but I got to do the fun part which is see their conversions, so it's all good!

Man, you are OLD!!!! Two sons on missions!!! One about to come home in a couple months, and the other a few months after that. Your last son is in high school now and you are like 6 months past your retirement eligibility date. OLD!!!! Yes.

Happy birthday again you crankity old man! Go eat at In-N-Out to celebrate.

                                              -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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