Monday, June 25, 2012

Power Hour!! "You guys Jehovah's Witnesses?"

Jun 25, 2012

Saturday was a hard day! I stressed the night before because we had no appointments scheduled, we were out of miles, the heat-index was into the high 90's or 100's and yet, we still needed to get out and work. So I planned, and called, schemed, plotted, sought help and none of my plans worked out. I prayed hard that we could go out and whole day Saturday and work effectively even though we didn't have any appointments.

After a massive miracle, I could not believe it when we left the apartment and set off into the world. All I really knew is that there were a ton of people on one of our ward lists and neither myself nor my companion knew any of these people, so we were going out to meet them, strengthen them, and set up follow-up appointments; with the added benefit of being able to talk to people by the wayside.

We went house to house and met some great people. One family fed us lunch (Which was great, because I stressed about how we were going to eat lunch). We met some less-actives, strengthened families, and were even taken to a home where the husband spontaneously asked us to give him a blessing. It was a beautiful thing to be part of! No one in this area has asked me or my companion to give them a blessing except one other time for a less-active family's 2 year old son. It was a magnificent experience to be an instrument in the Lord's hands and make known to this man all that was to be made known to him. I felt edified by this miracle and this tender mercy!

Then, after eating dinner with another family, we went out to do a thing many missionaries highly dislike. It's called "Power Hour." You get with a member at a little before 6 pm, share a powerful quick, message. Then ask the head of the household to give a prayer, combining everyone's faith that we would be able to find someone(s) to teach. Then, from 6- 7 pm we go out and FIND!!!! Yea, you can probably guess why this isn't the favorite activity of many missionaries. But I have been pushing and pushing to go out and do this every single day! On this day, we shared a powerful lesson, we asked the head of household if he knew anyone that would be blessed by the message of the restored gospel, he pointed out two houses and said, "Good luck." We went to the first one and nobody was home. Then, we went to the second house where the member described the man living there as "Extremely Christian."

After ringing the doorbell, a man comes to the door, pokes his head out looks both ways and says, "You guys Jehovah's Witnesses?" "No" we say, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." "Wow! This is rare, come in." he says. We then had a very long and awesome conversation with this man and got a new investigator!! It was AWESOME!!!!

After this, we walked a few miles back home, a member driving by drove us the last mile and we finished our day as it should have happened- filled with miracles, and both extremely sweaty.

The Lord's hand IS in this work! He guides and inspires his servants according to their diligence and righteousness. He WILL gather His sheep, regardless of whether we are worthy and ready or not; His purposes will be accomplished. But if we are ready, willing, and worthy; we get the amazing blessings which come from taking part in His work.

I testify of Christ! I testify that He lives! And that is all the reason in the world to go and labor diligently despite the challenges which may seem less than ideal.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Ya All 

Elder Ryan A. Bell 

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