Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Anyway, I will tell you all briefly what has been happening with me since you heard last. Today is the craziest day here. Somehow in about 45 minutes I am supposed to get everything NOT in my luggage (Which is everything), into my luggage. On top of that, I have to write letters, mail stuff, eat food somewhere in there, and go to some meetings. Yea, then we wake up tomorrow at like 2:30 am to start getting ready for the aiport since we are supposed to report to the Travel Office at like 4:25 am. It gets weird.
I was just released from my calling as District Leader on Sunday, and boy, what a great experience that was! I learned many much things and was grateful to be able to serve in such a capacity.
I am preparing my thesis of everything I have learned here in the MTC and will likely finish and send it home when I am 6 months into my mission... so yea..... be looking for that.
I leave you now. Farewell Utah! I will greatly miss the snow-capped mountains, the valley-forged streams, the one Asian place I like to eat at, but most of all, the Mormon Mom Drivers. How I will yearn to share the road with them again. How can I expect to feel good about myself if I don't compare each day to the one before where I got flipped off by a lady with a casserole.
                          -Elder RICO AWESOME SAUCY YES!!!

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