Sunday, January 22, 2012

Letter to Papa January 17, 2012

My time here at the MTC is drawing to a close. Tomorrow will be my last Wednesday here.. Man the time flew by didn't it?   Also Tomorrow my district will be getting the opportunity to be hosts for the newly arriving missionaries getting dropped off... we greet them, help em with their bags  and roll em out before they change their minds...  I am looking forward to it, but also kind of not, that is a tough thing to be a part of and see... But the good thing about this is an early lunch and BYU Creamery Ice Cream after dinner... Every Wednesday baby! You'll be proud to know that based on my time here, I have decided to never attend BYU  (EDITORS NOTE: YEAH!!!! GO UTES!!!!) I am sure it is great here and all and they sure have some interesting rules and all... But the church is true!! and this will be the extent of my business here at BYU... Thanks for the letter this week and be sure to send more and "Krispy Kremes"

Stay Strong!!!

Love Ya,

Elder Bell

p.s. find some way to hurt Jordan's feelings for me. I'm feeling deprived of that or better yet, just ignore him and send me stuff.....

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Elder Ryan Bell Blog Team said...

Ever since Jordan and Ryan could walk and talk they have been teasing each other relentlessly....As Zach came along he was thrown into the mix of it and can hold his own with both of his older brothers.. In what is an ongoing competition to obtain status of favorite child or something... their antics with each other have been nothing short of Hilarious... As Parents we love them all equally... Deep down the three of them have the strongest brotherly bonds I have ever seen