Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I found Narnia

I apologize again for having to be so brief and send everyone the same letter (Which I hate). I would like to write you all personally, and very soon I will actually be able to do that. If you want personal letters in return, you must first write them to me. This AIN'T NO DEMOCRACY; IT'S A DICTATORSHIP! It's crazy to think that my time at the MTC is almost over. I will literally be leaving here next week. I will hopefully be able to call, but I have been made travel leader and put in charge of 15 people going to the same mission and will have some increased stress, and therefore little time, if any. I am convinced that they only make "Momma's Boys" travel leaders, because otherwise I would just sit on the phone forever. 

Send Krispy Kreme! Or Cutler's!

Anyway, I love you all and tell all those who ask about me that I am dead.

You will all receieve much cooler and more interesting letters in the mail about what I'm actually doing here. So don't think I hate you- I just can't type a tear jerking letter and tell you everything that's going down in 30 minutes. My hand already hurts.

CHECK THE MAIL OFTEN. I swear, if you guys haven't gotten my letter yet, I'm going to chop some faces off! Starting with Jordan's!!! (Nobody likes you anyway.) Heck, I don't even remember your address or where you are. Are you still a thing? 

Love you all! Talk soon!

Rico Time!  

ps I found Narnia 

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