Monday, May 13, 2013

President Pingree's Message to his Mission

Dear Sisters and Elders – 

I hope that each of you were able to speak with your parents yesterday and that you had a meaningful experience with them.  Please know that not only are you in our prayers, but your families are also.  We recognize the sacrifices many of them are making so that you can be here.
Today, I want to re-emphasize the Texas Houston Mission's areas of focus for 2013.  Certainly, there are many other principles of effective missionary work, but at this time I feel impressed that we need to pay particular attention to the following four:
1.     Prepare for the Spirit every day (planning, morning schedule, living Missionary Handbook)
2.     Talk with everyone (invitations to learn, asking for referrals)
3.     Have a member present at every possible lesson
4.     Baptize each month
As we faithfully strive to implement these four principles in our day-to-day efforts, we will see the overall performance of the mission improve in other areas as well.  Please review these areas of focus as a companionship and prayerfully determine how to integrate them more fully in your proselyting efforts.
Thank you for your examples of faith and devotion.  Have a great week!
President Pingree

Editors Note: I have had the chance to meet Pres Pingree and I have talked with him and Sister Pingree on various occasions during Ry's time out in the field.... I am so glad we have such great Mission Presidents and their esteemed Wife's for our Guys and Gals serving in the Mission Field!!

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