Monday, December 10, 2012

It's all alright! Letter to Papa

Hola Papiero!
It's been like 80 degrees here the whole week. Sorry to hear the atmosphere urinated on you.
Sounds like exciting things are happening at home!
Ernest is seriously one of the greatest and funniest men ever to be born of a woman. He is doing fantastic! He just got the Priesthood yesterday and a calling to serve as the Young Men's Secretary. AWESOME! Christine is doing well too! She works TONS of overtime every single week so that she can make it back to Spring for Church on Sunday. They are an example of exemplary faith! I would not be surprised if CJ is baptized later this month by his dad, Ernest. You should give them a call if you get a chance.
Haha! You guys are awesome! I trust that you are continuing to watch an obnoxious amount of Christmas Specials on TV and bring honor to the family in doing so. I imagine the lights are all aloft on our roof, the trees are up, and somebody is drinking some Steven's every now and again.
Well, my Father, I love you beyond what mere words could express, so I'm just going to close this off with a song.
Hanging out, down the street
the same old thing, we did last week
not a thing to do
(Something, something)
It's all alright! It's all alright!
That 70's Show theme song.
                                                                   -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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