Monday, December 24, 2012

Hola Papertos!

E-mailing today from an Apple Store at the Woodlands Mall. All the apartment offices and such that we usually e-mail at are closed so we get to do this today! You probably are online right now helping people troubleshoot and set up their new Mac's right now, huh?

I am stoked about the boxes that I have gotten! Thank you so much! I have a feeling that the Starbucks Hot Chocolate had a lot to do with you. THANK YOU! Since I can't really go into Starbucks shops, I have had to abstain for an entire year, but the hour of my deliverance is come! Hallelujah, it came in the mail! YEA!

I got a pretty cool little envelope in the mail from members of the ward writing at the ward Christmas party. It's kinda strange not recognizing many of the people who wrote, but it was awesome to hear from everyone.

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS, my good man! I will most definitely be speaking with you tomorrow. Make sure you put cookies out and continue watching all those great Christmas movies and specials as you have time.


                                                      -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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