Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter to Dad Oct 1, 2012

You will be proud to know that I sent a whole stack of letters this week, so they should be showing up any day now. Mission Accomplished.
Transfers are this week, so please don't send any packages or snail-mail letters until you know if I am staying or not. Not that I would not be thrilled to get all the goodies your brilliant minds come up with to send, I just want to make sure that I actually get the stuff.
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S OCTOBER?! The month of the Returning of the Strange One! Whoa!!!!
Things in Spring/the Woodlands/wherever I am are going very well! We are teaching a man named Wayne Bennefeld who has a date to be baptized on the 27th of October. Wayne is the man!!! He is from Texas originally, lived in Arizona and calls that home, but now is in Houston working for an Alarm System company that a member of one of our wards owns. One of the cool parts about teaching Wayne, is that we teach him in a member's home and after each lesson, the Sister of the home makes everyone grilled cheeses. And she does a mighty fine job at it too, if I might add. She is flattered that we appreciate her cooking (because we do) and therefore keeps the grilled cheeses coming. OH YEA!
Ernest read 13 chapters of the Book of Mormon at work this week! He has been getting immersed in the scriptures at work. How awesome! It's amazing to see his personality soften as he not just reads, but applies what he is reading and learning. He and Christine have been VERY diligent and faithful, changing their work schedules around to make it to Church every single week!
To help make their one day off at home together more special, we have been doing our barbecue tradition but shaking it up a little bit by having a member invite us and the Atoigue's over to their home on Sunday for dinner It has been going extremely well! We all went over to a family from Spain's last night and the Atoigue's loved them! Christine texted us afterwards and said that it was really great for Ernest to see another example of a dignified male head of the household to follow. Good stuff!
Every week, he seems more and more excited about all of this. Man, I LOVE that family! And am so happy that you guys love them too!
We are working with Michael (whom I have talked about before), a new lady named Bell, an ex-Marine named Sean who we tracted into one day, and many other potentials. We will hopefully be able to continue to step it up and fulfill our purpose even more with these wonderful people!
Love ya Pops! Thank you for all that you do for the family and for me personally. More than a few times you have helped keep my head up and keep me going when the going got tough. This week was one of those weeks.
                                                        -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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