Monday, November 26, 2012

Very Hungry!!! and I just wanted to hug them all...

Things are going well here. Training is fun with another companion. Our new companion, Elder Kuila is a funny guy. He is polynesian and huge- taller than me and over 300 lbs! He is very humble but also very hungry. We got a huge tin of the Church's hot chocolate last week and he has killed half of the tin now. He found out we had an Asian restaurant in our area and asked to go there. We took him and he ate over 24 Wontons! Awesome!
He also opened one of my Irn Bru's, took a few sips and then put it back. But we won't talk about that. Ha ha...
There are a lot of polynesians in this mission and they are all interesting. There is a Tongan Sister out here who is awesome! She is also very hungry. One day, on P-Day we packed lunchs of bread to make sandwiches, peanut butter, some pudding, Cheetos, etc. She asked if she could have some Cheetos and we said sure. We came back to our lunchs later and found that she ate ALL the Cheetos, both of our puddings, and opened and ate half of our brand new peanut butter jar...... probably without any bread.
Good stuff....
Honestly, it feels like a Southern California vacation down here, not Christmastime. People have lights up and the trees are a beautiful variety of colors, but it still smells like ocean and the temperature is too dazzling to be true. It's amazing and beautiful. 
Want to know something weird? Promise you won't tell anyone?
I'm going to assume you said "Yes." So yesterday, we were asked to go help teach the primary kids how they can be missionaries now and prepare to be missionaries in the future...... and I kind of liked it. That's strange because normally I do everything I can to avoid children, but sitting in the back during singing time it was hard, if not impossible, not to sing with those little bundles of joy. I just wanted to hug them all.
Moments gone. Back to work.
                                                                                  -Elder Ryan A. Bell
Editors Note: I did promise not tell anyone and have kept his secret for almost a whole month before I finally cracked and decided to publish his comments, I just could not help myself from hitting send,,, this stuff is priceless! Sorry Ry Ry...

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