Monday, August 6, 2012

Miracles of Miracles

Sorry to be so short today, once again, I was a very unwise steward with my time-usage.
Who wants to hear a miracle from this week.... or last week.... can't really remember when exactly it happened, but it DID HAPPEN AT SOME POINT; I'm fairly certain of that.
So on one of those frustrating days when I am trying to keep our schedule full and things keep falling through and all anyone else wants to do is sleep and I am trying hard not to let that happen (See Jordan, I can do it too) somehow my companion and I ended up splitting up with two prospective Elders. With one, I went into some neighborhoods to find out about some of the last of the people on our ward list who no one knows exists. So we are going from house to house, talking to people on the street as we go. We knock on one door and a teenage boy answers. "Hello!" I say "is this the Goodman family". "They moved" he tells me. So I tell him who we are and ask if we can come back and teach his family. "I was actually baptized LDS" he says.
So a random family moves out and who else but an entire recent convert family moves in to the same house. We got his information and came back a couple days later to find out that his whole family had been baptized in California 2 years ago, they lost everything in the economic downturn, they move to Texas but have no idea how to contact the Church so they live for 2 years in this house unknown to the world. The boy said that his dad has been looking for the missionaries since they came out here and was stoked that we knocked on their door.
If that family did not live where they did, if things were not set up how they were at the time that they were, that family could have never been found! Or perhaps been found after YEARS AND YEARS of inactivity making it even harder to come back than it will already be.
What a magnificent miracle! It was amazing to go the Ward and tell them that we found this family! What a great surprise! I guess that it will be a tough thing to jump back in the Church after so long, but I am so excited to work with this family!
Experiences like this really make me love the Lord more and appreciate His tender mercies. It also makes me appreciate each of you so much more as I rejoice in our blessings and labor for more!
                                                                                    -Elder Ryan A. Bell

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