Monday, February 13, 2012

Up's & Down's Pic's of Pool and Puppies

My week has been pretty interesting and crazy. It was good, then it was not, then it was great. So, just the usual highs and lows of a missionary week I suppose. We are working with a couple investigators right now, lots of inactive members, and lots of members. I am really starting to love the people which is great!
Ok. so I went back to my apartment and got the important papers that I need in the pouring rain, therefore this must be important, so listen up:
When you send a box, please don't do delivery confirmation because then they hold it at the post office and I can only go pick it up on Fridays. Write on the box "Leave in apartment office" and they will do that so I can get it the same day. It's torture having to wait.
Everything sounds like it is going rock solid back home. This pleases me greatly to hear! I am stoked for you (Dad)  to come down here and get the Houston experience. It is pretty awesome. There are falcons and hawks everywhere, it is green and lush, and oh yea- WARM! Maybe I'll run into you at Ritter's Ice Cream and you can buy me one of their delicious pies or cakes.
Elder Rico RY RY

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